5 Best Things about Latitude

It’s Latitude time! Sadly I won’t be going this year because buying a house (and the cutest puppy in the world) has left us with zero funds for summer fun.

I’ve been going since the first one back in 2006 when it was so small that you literally bumped into everyone from school (#AwkwardConvos). It’s changed a lot since then but I think the magic of Latitude and its family friendly vibe hasn’t altered one bit.

So I’ve been reminiscing and have created a list of the top 5 things about our local festival – I could have gone on for longer but the puppy is looking at me with the big eyes…here we go:

  1. The Faraway Forest
    I love how this part of the festival changes throughout the day. From a chilled out area with acoustic music and art installations during the day, to a rave in the woods at night. I have some great memories of dancing into the small hours wearing so much glitter in this forest. There is just something truly magical about the vibe here, but be warned, you will find sand and dirt in places you don’t care to mention for days afterwards.

  2. 2. The Comedy
    The comedy tent is definitely a highlight of the festival every year. They always have a fantastic line up and the tent gets going early so you can hide under canvas with your hangover until you’re ready to get back out there.
    I’ve seen some amazing comedians there before they became super famous including Jon Richardson and Russell Kane. There was also the time Ross Noble led a giant conga of festival goers from the comedy tent to a vegan stall to shout “Sausage Rolls!” at them…never would this happen anywhere but the amazing craziness that is Latitude.

    3. Seeing New Bands
    I love that you can see so many up and coming bands at Latitude. There are so many different stages promoting new talent, from the BBC Six Music Stage (which I think has been renamed just to the BBC Music Stage this year), to the Alcove where you’ll find musicians that you need to take note off for the future.
    Often you’ll be wandering around and catch a fantastic band only to forget to look up who they were, and then a few months later hear a familiar tune on the radio. I also like that local artists are really embraced at Latitude. This year The Access To Music students from Norwich are getting the chance to perform which I think is a fantastic opportunity for them!

    The Latitude Cups
    The Latitude cups are not just eco-friendly, but also beaut-iful! We have Latitude cups that go back further then I care to mention and although the design has worn off many of them through so many goes in the dishwasher, they still bring back memories of warm summer nights when we use them for squash on a winter morning.

    5. The Location
    The great thing for me about Latitude is that I can pop home for a shower and to top up on booze/snacks/glitter, it also means it’s the only festival I’ll ever look half decent at! Henham Park is the most beautiful location too.

What are your fave things about Latitude? And who are you most looking forward to this year?