Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for the website:

For the purposes of this privacy policy “See Suffolk” refers to this website and newsletters. It also includes all See Suffolk social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

This website does not gather personal information without your consent and you will be required to opt-in when you choose to interact with See Suffolk.
If you would like to access, change or delete the data we hold for you please contact us here.

Email subscribers

Thank you for subscribing to the See Suffolk monthly newsletter. If you choose to sign up to the newsletter, I will not pass on your contact information to any third parties and will only use your email address to send you the monthly newsletter. Your private data will not be sold to third parties. Information includes your email address, first name and date of opt-in only. This information is securely managed by Mailchimp and only the administrator can access the list. To find out more, I refer you to Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy.

The See Suffolk newsletter includes details of local events, new businesses and featured blog posts from the See Suffolk website.

Every newsletter email includes an ‘Unsubscribe’ link and if you choose to unsubscribe your email address will be deleted from the list. If you wish to unsubscribe now, please contact me here.


See Suffolk is powered by WordPress. WordPress uses cookies to identify and track visitors and how they use the website. WordPress collects non-personally-identifying information which is typical of this sort of web browser and server, for example, referring site, date and time, browser type and language preference of each visitor. WordPress’ purpose for collecting this data is to understand how visitors use this website. By using See Suffolk you are agreeing that such information may be gathered via WordPress cookies. If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your computer, you should set your browser to refuse cookies before using WordPress, however please be aware that certain features may not function properly without the aid of cookies.

See Suffolk does not collect your personal information for analytic purposes. WordPress only tracks page and post views, referring URLS, search engine terms, outbound link clicks and country.
WordPress does this via analysing IP address, user ID (if logged in), visiting URL, referring URL, user agent, timestamp, language and country code. See Suffolk does not have access to this information. See Suffolk can see the number of page views but not which users have viewed that post.

The cookie settings on See Suffolk are set to “allow cookies.” This is to give the viewer the best browsing experience possible. As mentioned above, cookies do not collect personal information about a user. Cookies are used to collect information about a user’s interaction with a website and are erased at the end of a session.
If you continue to use See Suffolk without changing your cookie settings, or if you click ‘Accept’ on a cookie pop-up, then you are agreeing to these terms. Information gathered is anonymous and non-personal and can not be used for marketing purposes.

Social Media

I love to interact with readers via the See Suffolk social accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). If you choose to interact with See Suffolk on social media then please do so using your own personal username. See Suffolk does not store information from social media.

Content and links from other websites

Blog posts on See Suffolk may contain embedded content from other sites or creators (images and links). Links to other sites that are not operated by us may be included in See Suffolk blog posts. We have no control over the content that may be on these web pages. If you click on a third party link, then you will be directed to that website. Please review the Privacy Policy of each third party website. See Suffolk does not take responsibly for the privacy policies, content or information of any third party services, websites or links.

Images from other websites will be included only when See Suffolk has permission from that website. A credit will be included in the caption OR at the bottom of the blog post. Any images that do not have a credit will have been taken or created by See Suffolk and must not be replicated without permission of See Suffolk.

See Suffolk is installed on a https server – this is to make sure there is a secure browsing experience for users.

Data Breach Notification
If a data breach occurs you will be informed as soon as possible via email to the address you have provided.


All blog posts on See Suffolk are owned by See Suffolk and must not be replicated without permission. The views and opinions expressed in this blog and via my social media accounts are purely my own. I will provide my honest opinions of products, services and businesses in blog posts. See Suffolk is not to be held responsible for your experience of that product, service or business.

See Suffolk does not engage in activity to breach Consumer Protection Regulations.
Any information on this website is to be used entirely at your own risk. Please read our Terms and Conditions to find out more.
Any product or service statistic or quote should be verified by the business, provider or manufacturer.

On occasion, See Suffolk works with businesses to create promotional and sponsored content. Any such posts will be marked as sponsored posts – this will be at the bottom of the blog post. Any sponsored social media content (on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) will be marked with #ad. I only work with brands that are relevant to the See Suffolk audience. When a product or service has been gifted in return for a review, I will disclose this at the bottom of the blog post.