Suffolk Beauty Brands

During some recent research on vegan beauty products (very on trend right now!), I discovered the Suffolk based brand, Beauty Without Cruelty.

Before this research, I’d never realised that there are actually a number of Suffolk based beauty and health businesses, many of which have vegan or eco-friendly missions.

Beauty Without Cruelty is based in Ipswich and has been running for 30 years. Its products are 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians and the company uses natural ingredients that are best for sensitive skin.

Compliant with BUAV requirements, Beauty Without Cruelty has an aim to use only the finest cruelty free ingredients and has created the only carmine free true red lipstick (carmine is a colourant that is produced from some scale insects…ew).

Testing out one of the brands nail polishes, in the shade ‘That Dress,’ I liked that the polish was made without harsh chemicals. Although I do own a UV lamp for doing gel nails, I do worry about the chemicals I’m using and only use it on special occasions now.

The company uses packaging made from recycled materials, when possible, and the nail polish arrived in a lovely cardboard box with the colour shown through the window.

Application is easy, and with this shade you could get away with one coat, but I would apply two for a longer lasting colour.

I can’t say that I notice any difference in the product from a regular nail polish; it works just as effectively. And it’s nice to know that you haven’t damaged the earth or put any animal in harms way by buying it. So if you’re looking for local beauty products with some conscious, head over to the brand’s website –