Could a chemical peel at The Face Place help my dry skin?

The Face Place

When you think about chemical peels, an image of a lobster faced Samantha from Sex and the City may spring to mind! But don’t worry, chemical peels have come a long way since then.

A friend recommended The Face Place to me after she experienced a fantastic treatment. I had a chat to owner and skincare expert, Zoe Crowley, and she exuded so much passion about the treatments she was offering.

After 24 years of experience in the beauty industry, Zoe had been considering setting up The Face Place to bring balance to her work and family life. Things speeded up when she came across the AlumierMD skincare brand. Zoe was blown away by the rejuvenating peels that deliver results and achieve optimum skin health. After extensive research she decided to work with them to offer bespoke services such as light and medium depth peels.

Zoe revealed that AlumierMD is a medical grade brand (a level above the ranges you would find on the high street) and can only be purchased with a prescription from a professional. The brand was created by PhD biochemists, physicians and skincare experts to create science-backed products with luxurious formulations. The products aim to give individual results, rather than a one-size-fits-all method.

Zoe and I chatted on the phone first about my skincare concerns – dry skin being the main issue – and Zoe explained that a chemical peel would help by exfoliating the top level to get rid of dead skin cells and enhance cell turnover. AlumierMD has a progressive, not aggressive approach, with customised peels to cover different skin concerns.

before The. Face Place Treatment
Before the treatment

The AlumierMD Professional Peels include the Radiant and Glow peel, but if you don’t feel ready for a chemical peel, you can always try The Face Place’s Signature Facial which combines AlumierMD products and a pressure point massage to leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

I was excited to try the Radiant peel, as Zoe thought it would work best for my dry skin. I arrived at The Face Place (which is based in Freckenham, near Newmarket) and Zoe’s zen salon space and friendly manner calmed my nerves about having the peel.

After having an in-depth consultation about my skincare concerns and current routine, Zoe took a look at my skin. I have always been super dry with an oily t-zone and hormonal breakouts – it’s wonderful being a woman, isn’t it ladies?!

Zoe decided that she would use one product on my t-zone and one on the rest of my face to achieve the best results.

Enzyme retexturing mask Refining clay mask
The Enzyme Retexturing mask and Refining Clay mask

First of all, Zoe cleansed my face before applying the refining clay mask on the t-zone and enzyme retexturing mask on the rest of my face. She continued to check on me throughout the treatment, asking me to rate the sensation on my skin from 1-10.

Throughout this part of the process I only felt a very mild tingling, nothing to be worried about. Zoe said that if I began to feel any uncomfortable sensations, she would monitor and correct accordingly.

After the mask came off, it was on to the application of the Radiant Peel itself. This time I felt a mild tingling on one part of the face, then it stopped, and moved to another part. Strange, but not uncomfortable.

Radiant peel working it’s magic
Radiant peel working its magic

After this worked its magic, Zoe finished the treatment by applying the lush Recovery Balm, followed by AlumierMD Sheer Hydration SPF.

I looked in the mirror and I was blown away with what I saw – I really was glowing! The dry, flaky skin that I had when I walked in was gone. Amazing!

I only had slight redness but to see my skin so hydrated after an hour-long treatment was astonishing!

After the treatment - glowing skin!
After the treatment – glowing skin!

Zoe gave me the after-care treatment pack and explained that it was important to use the products for the next 7 days. Cleansing with the SensiCalm and moisturising with the Recovery Balm morning and night, and using the AlumierMD Sheer Hydration SPF during the day. There was no down time from the treatment – the only thing to do was avoid direct sunshine and use the after-care pack to ensure ultimate results.

There can be peeling after the treatment, but I only saw very light flaking about 5 days afterwards and applied some more Recovery Balm to the area. 7 days later and my skin has been transformed!

I have to say I’ve been converted to AlumierMD and Zoe has recommended some at home products that will keep my skincare on the right path.

The peels work best over a course of treatments, but you’ll see from my photos that the results from the first peel were brilliant! I’m already looking forward to my next trip to The Face Place!

Zoe has very kindly offered my readers an exclusive Discount Code! Quote See Suffolk to receive a £20 introductory discount on a Radiant Peel at The Face Place.

The Face Place discount

Disclaimer: AlumierMD treatments must be administered by a trained professional. Any such treatment should be discussed with a professional and any important medical history should be discussed before going ahead.
This was not a sponsored post. I was invited to The Face Place to write a review but did not receive payment for my blog post.
This is an account of what I experienced at The Face Place and I am not in any way responsible for what you experience at The Face Place, or with any other similar treatment with AlumierMD.
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