Starting the #FoodSavvy Challenge [AD]

starting the #foodsavvy challenge

This week I’m starting the #FoodSavvy Challenge!

If you follow me over on social media, then you might know that I’m currently on a ‘nothing new’ project. My aim is to only buy essentials until my birthday in June. Anything else will be bought from charity shops and preloved websites to do my bit to help the planet, and my wallet.

I then heard about the #FoodSavvy Challenge, which is a unique collaboration between Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils and environmental charity Hubbub. The challenge is to raise awareness of how much food waste is created in the UK and how this is impacting the environment and our own pockets.

The Challenge fits in perfectly with my personal project and I’m hoping it will boost my environmental efforts too.

I was stunned to find out that in Norfolk and Suffolk alone, 113,000 tonnes of food per year is wasted! This costs the taxpayer £12.6m annually. That equates to £810 worth of food for each household…that would be a little holiday for us and dog!

Be #FoodSavvy

During the first week I’ll be recording my usual food waste and single-use plastic. Then the lovely folk over at #FoodSavvy will be sending advice and guidance on how to reduce that for the following 3 weeks.

I’m really excited to get started with this challenge. I definitely find it a tricky to reduce food waste. I do think about it when I shop, but all the supermarkets seem to throw plastic around everything! As much as I’d like to shop around to find the places that have the least plastic, working everyday just doesn’t allow for that.

It would be great if myself and my partner could work out a way to cut down on our waste. We eat separate meals (I have different dishes due to my IBS) so there’s often wastage on both sides. Finding a way to fix that would be great!   

I’ll be sharing my findings and some tips on how you can save food waste (and money!) too. Stay tuned to find out how I get on.

If you’d like to join the #FoodSavvy challenge – then click here.

Be #FoodSavvy

This blog post is a paid collaboration with #FoodSavvy Challenge. To read my full disclosure policy, click here.