How’s the #FoodSavvy Challenge going? [AD]

#FoodSavvy Challenge update

We’re now at the end of the third week of the #FoodSavvy Challenge and it’s been a really interesting experience so far.

It’s made me consider my food spending habits and when I’m out shopping I’m noticing more than ever just how much plastic is on our food packaging!

I thought I’d share the measurements that I took during the first week so that I can do a comparison in the last week.

The measurement week was from Mon 3rd – Sun 9th Feb. It wasn’t a typical week for me as I ended up going out to eat dinner with friends more often than usual.

In total I weighed 325g of food waste that went into the compost bin. And there were 12 single use plastic items. Some, like drinks bottles, I could put in the recycling, but it’s the plastic that covers items like bread and bacon that I’m not sure how to avoid. Ideally, I would like to go to a bakery and a butcher to buy products fresh, but with the lifestyle I have it’s not possible right now.

The biggest thing I need to work on is picking up lunch on the go. When I’m at meetings all day I’ll sometimes have to stop and grab a quick sandwich or pasta from the supermarket.

#FoodSavvy Challenge update

In the second week of the challenge I received some lovely products from the #FoodSavvy team, including Sistema lunch stacks and Oxo lunch boxes that I’m using to take leftovers for lunch. I’ve also been using the banana guard each day to avoid squishing my fruit in my bag. If I keep doing this, I’ll be saving on food waste, plastic and also, saving lots of money on takeaway food!

With the last week of the challenge approaching, I’m planning ahead to make sure that I get the most out of the food I have in the fridge. Meal planning is something I’ve never been very good at. My partner and I work at different times in the day, and I often have to be out in the evening for events which makes planning tricky. So, I’ve decided just to plan for myself and created a daily menu…

I’ll keep you posted how this last week goes! If you want to take part in the #FoodSavvy Challenge and want to know how to help the environment, and your wallet, then head over to the website for plenty of top tips.

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