Crowning Glory

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to The Crown in Westleton for dinner. My parents were taking a group of their friends to celebrate joint birthdays, and I was invited – as long as I drove (always a catch when good food and good wine is involved!). But, as I’m sure you know, The Crown has a fantastic reputation for dining, so I just couldn’t pass up the chance to sample their spring menu!

Starting with a Cromer crab tartlet, the dish was almost quiche like in texture. Light and airy, with a fresh hint of crab and perfect, crumbly pastry, the portion was perfect for a starter. Also on offer was a rabbit spring roll, asian salad and fish broth; the murmurs from around the table sounded like the grown-ups gave it a thumbs up.

For the main course, I opted for classic fish n chips, with mushy peas and batter made with Adnams bitter – what could be more Suffolk than that?! The batter had a satisfying crunch with the fish flaking away inside to form that ultimate, much-loved English combo. The chips were well seasoned and the mushy peas well mushed. The curry sauce, not such a southern accompaniment, but very flavoursome none the less, meant the main went down a treat.

My dad opted for the wild guinea fowl, and tasting a morsel, the meat was succulent and drizzled in a delicious sauce. However, my favourite dish by far had to be my mum’s risotto. After talking me out of having it (because she wanted it herself! Cunning plan mother), she allowed me a taste of the beetroot and goats cheese dish. The goats cheese melted into the creamy risotto to blend into a delicious mix of flavours. I will definitely not be letting my mum talk me out of a dish again! I wonderful meal all round, The Crown was definitely a great choice to celebrate everyones birthdays.

So get out there and See Suffolk.