Guest Blog Post: The Tourist Trail’s favourite independent places to eat & drink in Ipswich

Suffolk is more than just peaceful countryside and picturesque coastlines.

You can always find interesting places to visit and exciting events in Suffolk. From well-known restaurant chains to quirky independent cafés and food and drink festivals, there is always something new to discover.

We really are spoiled for choice. Tucked around almost every corner you will find an independent café or restaurant, serving a varied and delicious menu.

Suffolk is a foodie’s dream, and Ipswich is no exception.

Many of the independent cafés and restaurants in Ipswich use locally sourced ingredients, serving food that is fresh, seasonal, and homemade by people who really care about their food and their customers.

There is something nice about independent businesses. They often have a homely feel, with friendly staff who are usually quite accommodating when it comes to dietary requirements. But above all else, some of these places serve incredible food.

St Nicholas Stores

7 St Nicholas Street, Ipswich

St Nicholas Stores in Ipswich

St Nicholas Stores is the place to go if you’re looking for a fresh, healthy lunch option.

Think homemade sandwiches, jacket potatoes, and mixed salad boxes. The staff are really welcoming and friendly, and the food is delicious. Pick up a loyalty card whilst you’re there. You’ll be going back.

When to go:

Go to St Nicholas Stores when you fancy something hot and wholesome for lunch, or if you want some lovingly homemade food. Also a good choice if you are fed up of sandwiches and fancy eating something different.

Note: The seating area is very small, so order your food to go and take it home, back to work, or if the weather is nice, head to a quiet spot to eat in the sunshine.

The food is well packaged in insulated containers, so don’t worry too much about hot food going cold before you get to your destination.

Don’t miss:

The jacket potatoes. Simple, but done well.

Victoria’s Bakery

6 Tacket Street, Ipswich

Victoria’s Bakery is a family run business that was established in 1986. All their products are homemade and baked from scratch.

When to go:

Head to Victoria’s Bakery when you are doing something sociable and want to bring along some treats to share. This would be the ideal place to pick up some picnic supplies en-route to the park on a sunny day.

Don’t miss:

The legendary cheese straws. They melt in your mouth.


19 St Peter’s Street, Ipswich

Applaud in Ipswich

Surrounded by independent boutiques and gift shops, Applaud is a popular coffee shop. Ideal for coffee and cake situations.

Note: Head for the doors in the back of the café and you will find a pretty garden- the perfect place to sip your coffee in peace.

When to go:

Applaud would be a great place to go to catch up with a friend or to warm up with a hot drink on a chilly day.

Don’t miss:

Hot chocolate with oat milk- it’s deliciously creamy tasting.

Berridges Restaurant

4 Dial Lane, Ipswich

Berridges in ipswich

Located in the upstairs of a jewellers just off the high street, Berridges Restaurant is refined and traditional. Despite being right next to the busy high street, it feels civilised and calm.

Note: You may have to reserve a table during busy times as it is a small restaurant, and word is beginning to spread about how good it is…

When to go:

If you’re looking for somewhere elegant to celebrate a special occasion, Berridges Restaurant is a good choice.

Don’t miss:

The homemade main courses.


18 St Nicholas St, Ipswich

Doorsteps in Ipswich

Doorsteps is an independent café with vintage inspired touches. The owner, Becca, sources many ingredients locally, and they are happy to cater for all sorts of different dietary requirements, including an extensive vegan menu.

When to go:

If you fancy a tasty sandwich with an exciting filling, Doorsteps is the place to go.

Don’t miss:

The Coronation chicken sandwich, which can be made with chicken or tofu.

A Passage to India

29 Fore Street, Ipswich

If you like Indian food, you absolutely must try A Passage to India.

Although the restaurant itself is quite large, it maintains an intimate feel with its warm décor and wooden beams which section off different areas.

The customer service is always excellent here, and they are happy to create vegetarian and vegan versions of almost anything on the menu.

When to go:

When you are hungry and looking for something filling, or any time you are in the mood for Indian food.

Don’t miss:

The food. It’s all delicious. You can’t go wrong.

Now that you are armed with suggestions for interesting places to eat and drink, why not try out somewhere you haven’t been to before? You may even find a new favourite!

All that’s left is the difficult task of deciding what to order…

Lucy Barnes has been blogging for several years, most recently for the travel website The Tourist Trail. She enjoys exploring new places, taking photographs, and blogging in cafés.