Behind-the-scenes of Danielle Taylor’s first solo exhibition at the Garage Gallery

Danielle Taylor Exhibition, Swell, at Garage Gallery

Local artist Danielle Taylor will be holding her first solo show at the Garage Gallery in Aldeburgh from 18th April to 24th April.

I popped along to Danielle’s studio in Ipswich to have a chat about her work and the exhibition.

Danielle uses a mixture of mediums to create semi-abstract landscape paintings full of texture, colour and emotion. Her exhibition, entitled Swell, will include 11 new works.

“I’m becoming more abstract, and more adventurous,” explained Danielle, “I find my attention span is becoming smaller and smaller. If I’m bored doing a piece that is the same as the last one, then I don’t expect anyone else to find it exciting. Unless I’m completely enthralled by it, then it’s not finished.”

Danielle Taylor Exhibition, Swell, at Garage Gallery

Danielle will take an idea from nature or the world around her, for example a cloudscape or photograph, and then will start with an underpainting.

“I begin with an idea of the composition, where the focus will be and the substantial elements. Then I build up colour and texture, assessing all the time. It’s very visceral! Sometimes I switch to photoshop to try out my next move. Sometimes I just get frustrated and chuck garage door paint everywhere!”

From Danielle’s exhibition you will see that each painting is unique – part self-expression, part experimentation with underutilised materials.

Danielle Taylor Exhibition, Swell, at Garage Gallery

Danielle began painting when she was dealing with metal health issues. Although from a creative background (Danielle was a graphic designer, model maker and continues to work in design education), she hadn’t picked up a paint brush since school. A mutual friend introduced Danielle to artist Patricia Colyer and they began to paint together.

“I met Patricia and she said, ‘why don’t you come along and have a go at painting?’ It was brilliant, I literally just played and was covered in paint. I kept going back every week,” said Danielle.

“Often when you feel depressed you feel like there’s nothing for you to do and painting really gave me something to put my attention towards.”

Danielle Taylor Exhibition, Swell, at Garage Gallery

Danielle has an instinctive feeling when a piece is finished. She will hang it in her studio and look at it whilst it dries. At this point she can revisit it or try hanging the painting in different light conditions. Once complete, it will be coated with varnish.

The way that Danielle is unafraid to play with materials allows you as a viewer to interpret the artwork in your own way. The build-up of textures makes you want to reach out and touch the artwork (which Danielle encourages). You can get a unique perspective the closer you get to each piece. New brushstrokes and hidden details will reveal themselves the closer you look.

Danielle Taylor Exhibition, Swell, at Garage Gallery

To see Swell for yourself, head to the Garage Gallery at 152 High Street, Aldeburgh, from Thursday 18th-Wednesday 24th April.

Danielle will be hosting a public view on 20th April from 2-4pm, with good wine and canapés included! Well behaved dogs and humans welcome.

Danielle Taylor Exhibition, Swell, at Garage Gallery