U Thyme Spa Launch

U Thyme Spa Launch Event at All Saints Hotel

Last week I was kindly invited to the launch of the new U Thyme Spa at the All Saints Hotel near Bury St Edmunds.

When I worked at a magazine in Newmarket, the hotel was always on my delivery route (yes, we used to hand deliver the magazines as well as write them – girl power!), so I was looking forward to returning to see the transformation of the spa.

The spa has seven spacious treatment rooms, all of which have been decorated in a soothing, dark grey with low lighting for ultimate relaxing vibes. A couple of the rooms have space for two people to have treatments together, and some have en-suite showers to allow guests to freshen up after a body wrap or scrub.

The spa has an area for pedicures, a room for manicures, a relaxation room and a spa lounge where afternoon tea or light lunches will be served.

The U Thyme Spa will be offering facials, massages (including pre-natal massage), waxing, special occasion make-up and body therapies such as wraps and scrubs. There are also a number of spa days available to fully unwind and rejuvenate.

During the launch event there was a talk from Elemental Herbology about the products used at the spa. U Thyme is the first spa to solely to use Elemental Herbology products. I was really intrigued by the brand as it uses the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people to rebalance their lives and skincare routines.

We had to fill out a card answering questions such as our favourite season, taste and how we wanted to feel. From our answers we could work out which element we were most similar too – and where we needed to find balance.

For example, I answered mostly that I was the Wood element -the personality of a Wood element is someone who is busy, ambitious and always on the go. Very true. However, this means I can get overly tired, frustrated and tense.

I was low in my Fire and Earth elements, so to balance these out, it was recommended that I would use Fire and Earth products during my time at the spa or at home.

I was most drawn to the aroma of the Fire Zest Bath & Body Oil – it was zesty and energising – just what I need right now, so I picked up a bottle to use at home. I’ve been using it as a moisturiser when I first wake up and when I need a little pick me up during the day.

If you’re looking for a little relaxation (let’s be honest, who isn’t’?!) then you can find out more about the spa by clicking here.



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to the spa launch by All Saints Hotel but was not paid to write this blog post. I purchased the Bath & Body Oil with my own funds – it was not a gifted product.