Suffolk Blogger Event at Lush in Ipswich

Suffolk blogger event at Lush in Ipswich

Last week the Suffolk Blogger group were invited to Lush in Ipswich for an evening of pampering at the store. The Lush team were there to teach us all about zero waste packaging, vegan products and the new range for spring and Mother’s Day.

Once everyone had arrived, Jon greeted us and made us all feel so welcome. We were split into three groups ready to visit different stations around the store. One was about the zero waste packaging, another looked at vegan products and the last one was all about the new Mother’s Day range. We rotated around each station after 20 minutes.

Suffolk blogger event at Lush in Ipswich

Vegan products

We met Sally at station one who talked to us through some of the vegan products that Lush has on offer. 90% of Lush’s products are vegan which is incredible! We smelt each product and tried some of them on our skin.

The lip scrubs were very popular among the group. They smelt and looked amazing, especially the new Unicorn Lip Scrub. Sally went into detail with each product, telling us about the ingredients and the benefits. The information was so detailed and this reflects how passionate the workers of Lush are about their job and helping customers.

lush lip scrub

Mother’s Day Gifts

Next up we spoke to Lion who talked us through the new spring and Mother’s Day range. The spring range had such a lovely range of soft scents. This includes the Nana Shower Gel, Almond Blossom Shower Gel and Pansy body lotion. They are perfect for pampering in the springtime.

Mother's Day Gift Set

The Mother’s Day range is inspired by the Spice Girls (it’s all about that girl power!). The Mother’s Day products can be bought separately or as part of the Roar gift set. This includes Baby’s Bum Cleansing Balm, Knock Out Bubble Bar, Blazin Bad Zula Bath Bomb, Posh Naked Shampoo Bar and Ginger Shower Gel.


Lion also showed us the new app called Lush Lens. You take a picture of a bath bomb and it identifies the bath bombs name, talks about the ingredients, the benefits it has and shows you a preview of what it looks like in the bath. Lion gave us a demonstration of each product, including a fabulous display of how to use the Knockout Bubble Bar.

lush lens app

Zero Waste

At the last station we met Alexia who was showing us the zero waste products that Lush has and how important it is that we think about how much waste we create. This is something I admire about Lush, the ability to make products with barely any packaging is revolutionary.

Alexia talked us through the ‘Naked products’ (no packaging products) and showed us how to use each one. The Movis face soap smelt incredible and it has fresh bread as one of the ingredients which gently exfoliates while the fair-trade cocoa butter moisturises the skin.

no packaging

We were all enthusiastic about trying the 7-3 biodegradable face wipe. It looked like a cotton pad that you use to take your makeup off. We were shown that the wipe has the cleanser within it and can be used for up to 2 weeks.

This event was so fun and interactive which made the whole experience amazing. The team at Lush Ipswich are truly a credit to the company. They taught us about new and old products, which is so helpful for when it comes to buying from them again. If we had any questions about what product would suit our needs, they answered them perfectly and gave us recommendations of products to try out.

We were each given goodie bags including some samples of their new products. The staff were more than happy to help us with samples and find the perfect product to suit our needs.

Thank you to Lush Ipswich for having us!


About the Author: Chloe Lamb is a Fashion Communication & Promotion student and writer who focuses on fashion, books and lifestyle. If she’s not writing for her blog then you can find her with her nose in a book!


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