5 things I learnt at Fit East Festival 2019 [AD]

Fit East Festival 2019

This post is a paid partnership with Fit East Festival

Fit East Festival 2019 returned to Trinity Park earlier this month. I arrived just as the event opened and the site was already buzzing with activity. The Suffolk Games was in full swing as teams of 4 battled it out to become champions.

I jumped straight into the festival action and headed to the Goat Yoga workshop in the Recharge Retreat area. This was the third time I’d been to a goat yoga class with Diana Malone and it didn’t disappoint. The young goats roamed around chewing bags and sitting on mats whilst we practised over the top of them – stopping for cuddles of course! You can check out my full review of goat yoga here.

Fit East Festival 2019

Next I headed off to Fight Klub – which was packed! I wasn’t quick enough to get a punch bag so my friend and I punched the air instead, still managing to get into the spirit of things.

There were lots of workouts going on throughout the day, from dance fitness to yoga, trampolining to boxing. New for this year there was the welcome addition of talks from local fitness experts.

Fit East Festival 2019

We caught the start of one from Sam Cleaver who was explaining how working out less, but eating more could make you fitter! Mind blown!

We then had a go at the Beatz dance-fitness class – but I have to say it was not our forte! However, I think we burnt just as many calories laughing away and doing all the wrong moves.

We finished the day with another yoga class with Diana. This time it was a relaxing flow class which was made even better by being outside in the fresh air. I’m a convert to outdoor yoga for sure.

Fit East Festival 2019

I’ve already heard some exciting plans for the 2020 Fit East Festival so make sure you stay tuned for next year’s event! I hope the goats will be back too…

5 things I learnt at Fit East Festival 2019:

  1. I really can’t dance – but can have fun trying!
  2. Yoga outdoors is the best – yoga is amazing, but having nature around you makes it ever better.
  3. You can workout less and eat more – intriguing!
  4. My body can handle a whole day of working out  -but it will ache for two days afterwards!
  5. There are lots more fitness classes and clubs in Suffolk than I thought!

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