Instagramable places in Suffolk

Instagramable places in Suffolk Aldeburgh houses

Everyone loves getting a good ‘insta-worthy’ picture. Finding the perfect place for a picture is important and I think it can really make or break the picture. Suffolk has so many lovely places to get a good shot, if you ever find yourself stuck for ideas then this list of Instagramable places in Suffolk should help you.

Pump Street Bakery, Orford

This has become a popular place for pictures, with the iconic pink wall and grey bench, why wouldn’t you want a picture here? Popular among bloggers, this location is great for a good picture as the pink background really makes your outfit stand out.

Beach huts in Southwold

We are lucky to have an array of seaside towns within Suffolk. One popular beach for pictures is Southwold. The colourful beach huts really stand out on the beach and make it so picturesque. The use of beach huts in your pictures really adds a summery vibe to the shot!

Pastel coloured houses in Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh is such a gorgeous place to go so it had to be featured in this list! In Aldeburgh there are some beautiful pastel coloured houses which make for a great picture. Whether it be an outfit picture or just a random picture for the grid, this is the place to go.


Ipswich waterfront

Along Ipswich Waterfront there are so many opportunities for a picture. My personal favourite is a little lane between Dockside Deli and Bistro on the Quay. There are some lights strung up between the buildings and an old lamp-post in the middle. The cobbled path in the lane just looks super cute.

Isaacs on the Quay

Along the waterfront there is a pub called Isaacs which is popular especially in the summer. You could have a drink or two on the upstairs deck and if you time it right you will have the evening sky with the boats on the waterfront in your picture or you could get a picture sat on the tables inside with the rustic interiors in the background.

Angel Hotel steps in Bury St Edmunds

Iconic for the greenery growing on the front of the building, this location is gorgeous. The steps at the front of the building are perfect for a sit-down outfit picture. You could stand at the top of the steps and be framed by the building and flowers surrounding you. Such a stunning location!

Lottie’s Waffles in Bury St Edmunds

Lottie’s Waffles could be the tastiest place for a picture. Inside they have a wall of flowers which works a beautiful background and is very popular! The whole place is just so aesthetically pleasing, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist getting a picture here.

Swan Hotel, Southwold

Swan Hotel is a beautiful building and can work beautifully as a background for a good insta picture. The big windows and the big white door framed by greenery is so pretty and really works well as a backdrop.

Colourful houses in Lavenham

If you are a fan of using colourful houses as a backdrop then look no further than Lavenham. There are some beautiful old and colourful properties with beams and old-fashioned front doors. This rustic look is perfect for an Instagram picture.

About the author: Chloe Lamb is a Fashion Communication & Promotion student and writer who focuses on fashion, lifestyle, books and mental health awareness. If she’s not writing for her blog then you can find her with her nose in a book!