Suffolk Blogger Series: Meet Abi from Abis Blog

Suffolk Blogger Series: Abis Blog

Hi Abi! How long have you been blogging for and what made you decide to start?

I’ve been blogging since 2016, although I didn’t really take it too seriously till 2017/2018. I was working in retail and felt a bit stuck in a “what do I do with my life” rut. Whilst on holiday in Fuerteventura with Guy (the bf) he suggested I start a blog of some sort, he was really fab and helped me out with setting up my website;

Tell us more about Abis Blog.

My blog has been all about the place, but now I really like to stick to fashion based posts or long chatty blogs about things such as confidence, learning to drive and my experience working in retail.

What do you most enjoy writing about?

I really like writing long posts that get readers thinking/relating to things I write. I really like to keep my writing as “me” as possible, almost as if you could imagine I’m talking to you face to face.

Suffolk Blogger Series: Abis Blog

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Primark. Every time Primark. Although I love to find new brands that are up my street online and out and about.

Your Instagram outfit pics are on fire! What advice would you give for taking Insta pics?

Thanks so much, it’s taken me a long time to be somewhat confident in front of the camera, and I feel like having a friendly face (Guy is my camera man) definitely helps me feel confident and gives me the “umph” I need.
I know it sounds cliché as well, but if you’re feeling awkward about getting photos in front of people you really just need to forget about them, because you probably won’t see them again. Also, they’ll probably be thinking about how awesome you look sooooo…

What is your top trend for spring/summer 2019?

The polka dots and culottes are coming back my friends! I also have just bought myself a straw bag so I will definitely be wearing that to death this year.

Suffolk Blogger Series: Abis Blog

What are your future plans for the blog?
More fashion content! Since going to Vix Meldrew’s event last month I’ve been seriously thinking about my niche and where I want to take my blog and I decided this is where it’s going! 

I love finding new clothing brands, putting outfits together and getting awesome photos for my blog (and Instagram obviously) and would love to someday make that my full-time job. But we’re a long way off so I’ll stick to my day job, for now!

Do you have a favourite place to go and write your blog posts in Suffolk?

I don’t really tend to venture out when I write blog posts because I’m usually writing them at 10pm because I’m a night owl. But when the weather is nice I LOVE to be outside in the garden just soaking up the sun.

Where is your favourite hidden gem in Suffolk?

I think everyone and their dog knows about my gem! I’m crazy about Lottie’s Waffles in Bury St Edmunds which opened late last year, it’s brilliant for waffles and you can get a pic for Instagram at the same time. Oh, and I believe it is dog friendly. What can’t you love about that?!

Suffolk Blogger Series: Abis Blog

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