Why you need to try the Five Element Aroma Massage at The Beautanical Garden

Massage at The Beautanical Garden

Personally, I think a massage is the ultimate self-care treatment. It’s a little luxury that can go a long way for your wellbeing and mental health.

The Beautanical Garden, in Lavenham, opened at the end of last year. Owner, Sarah, had worked in the beauty industry for a number of years before having her son. She was looking for a way to work around his school hours and decided what could be better than building a salon at the end of her garden!

The Beautanical Garden in Lavenham
Sarah describes the salon as “an oasis of calm and tranquillity” and I would definitely agree. The Beautanical Garden has a natural feel, with one wall covered in ivy, lots of soft textures and low lighting.

Sarah uses Elemental Herbology at The Beautanical Garden. I first heard of the brand at the launch of All Saints’ Spa in Bury St Edmunds and really loved the ideology behind the brand. Sarah also felt that the brand was in harmony with her ethos – Elemental Herbology use natural ingredients based on the power of traditional Chinese Medicine. The products are also results driven to give the best of both worlds.

The Beautanical Garden in Lavenham

Before starting the treatment I filled out the Elemental Herbology questionnaire, answering questions such as my favourite season, colour and taste. I came out the same as I had at All Saints – the Wood element.

When I got home I looked up what the Wood element means on the Elemental Herbology website and this is what it describes: “A wood character is like a tree; firm and sure but flexible when needed. You have the most energy in the evening but can suffer from stiff and aching muscles.

“Your body needs Wood Rejuvenation Bath & Body Oil, which has been created for the workaholic to help relieve aches and pains, clear your mind and nourish skin.”

Yep! That’s me!

Sarah would use the Wood Rejuvenation Oil during my massage to help relieve tension and clear the mind. Sounded wonderful to me!

The massage started by taking some deep breaths, inhaling the aroma of the oil, before Sarah worked on my back and shoulders. She blended traditional massage techniques with heated stones and fast movements using her forearms to create warmth. This was to rejuvenate the body and improve circulation.

Sarah then massaged my lower back, where I held a lot more tension than I thought! Probably due to sitting down a lot for my job. She also massaged the back of my arms, legs and feet.

The Beautancial Garden, Five Element Aroma Massage

Already in a deeply blissed out state, I turned over and Sarah got to work on the front of my legs, arms, top of the chest and shoulders.

After the massage my whole body felt so relaxed, the muscles eased of all tension and my mind was still.

The Beautanical Garden is a lovely haven where you can take some time out for yourself. Sarah has thought about every detail of the salon, from the interior design to serving a lemon sorbet at the end of a massage or facial treatment.

Sarah from The Beautanical Garden

Starting my business this year has been exciting, but also very busy and time consuming, so I really appreciated having that hour out of my day to just relax, think about nothing and unwind. It made me realise that I need to spend some extra time on self-care.

If you need some time out, book in with Sarah at The Beautanical Garden – you’ll be so pleased you did!

Thanks so much Sarah!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to review the Five Element Aroma Massage but was not paid to write this blog post. To read my full disclaimer policy, click here.