Review: Yoga + Fitness Morning

Yoga and Fitness Morning

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited along to the Yoga + Fitness Morning at Henham Park.

Sarah Rous and her husband Hektor undertook the renovation of Henham Barns in 2015, transforming the derelict storage barn on the Latitude site into a stunning space for eventsweddings and yoga days!

During the morning we were able to pick 4 classes to enjoy. The options included a variety of different yoga practices, fitness classes and a mindfulness session.

I picked Slow Flow Yoga, Interval Training, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness. I’m a big fan of slow yoga classes, I find them really replenishing, so I was excited for those!

Yoga and Fitness Morning example

Organiser Sarah took the first 50-minute class, Slow Flow Yoga. It was such a lovely way to start the morning. It was incredibly windy outside and you could hear the wind swishing through the trees – such a soothing sound to practice yoga to.

Next it was time to pick up the pace with Interval Training! I used to regularly do interval training, however since going full-time on my business I haven’t had the time to get to classes – and I really noticed how unfit I’d become! It was a fun workout, but it was tough. I definitely need to make time to get back into working out. Lisa from Absolute Body Conditioning kept us going and was very encouraging. Thanks Lisa!

After this we had a little break with smoothies and energy balls. I had a look round the stalls and started chatting to Mel from Down to Earth Health. I’ve been interested in essential oils for a while now and it was fascinating to learn more – I’ll be posting a whole blog post with Mel very soon, so stay tuned!

After our break we headed upstairs to the Henham Yoga Studio which is above the barn’s kitchen and bar area. As a yoga teacher Sarah knew exactly what was needed to create the perfect studio for yogis. I love the windows that look out onto the estate.

Yoga and Fitness Morning smoothie pink

The Yin Yoga class was taken by Jules, and as always I love Yin! We held postures for longer than normal to get really deep stretches.

The last session was mindfulness. Again, mindfulness is something I’m really interested in, but I do struggle with meditation and shutting off the ‘monkey mind’ that chatters constantly. It was really helpful to have a guided breathing and meditation.

After a busy week, the Yoga + Fitness Morning was the perfect way to unwind and refresh. Everyone was enjoying themselves and it was lovely to have some time for self-care on a Saturday!

If you’d like to attend one of the next events at Henham, here are some dates for your diary:

Saturday 16th March : Yoga Morning
The morning will begin with a 90minute vinyasa flow class before replenishing with a healthy smoothie. The second yoga class is an hour and fifteen minutes of Hatha & Yin yoga.

Friday 19th April: Party Yoga
This event sounds like so much fun! There will be an optional tequila shot on arrival followed by a 1.5hr dynamic yoga class under a projected night sky.

Saturday 20th April: Men’s Yoga
A 90minute morning yoga class designed for men (and women) who are looking to focus on strength and may not be that flexible by nature! The class is aimed at those who are looking for something a little more accessible than the average yoga class. It will be challenging, with options available for every fitness level.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to the Yoga + Fitness Morning  but was not paid to write this blog post.