What to do in Suffolk this February

Red roses made of fabric to represent Valentines Day.

2nd February – Snape Maltings Farmers’ Market

The Snape Maltings Farmers’ Market returns on Saturday 2nd Feb. Pick up veggies, fruits, meats and sweet treats from local producers and get ready for a feast over the weekend.

2nd February – Old Jet Market

There are all kinds of delights to find at Old Jet Market at Bentwaters Park. From vintage homewares to prints, pre-loved clothes, vinyl and crafts. If you’re trying to use less plastic, Cupboard Love will be there – bring along your containers and fill up on essentials such as cereals, grains, rice, pasta and nuts.  

Gin tasting evening at Tuddenham Mill

7th February – Gin Pairing Evening at Tuddenham Mill

Gin-lovers will be excited to learn about this event at Tuddenham Mill on Thursday 7th Feb. Tuddenham Mill has partnered up with Suffolk based gin distillery, Heart of Suffolk, to create a unique dining experience.

Chef Patron Lee Bye has designed the three-course meal to match perfectly with each gin. The first course will be a sea trout dish paired with Rosie’s Gin – a fresh gin with floral undertones. The main course will be fire roasted duck with orange sauce, matched with the fresh, crisp Betty’s Gin.  And to finish the evening, guests will enjoy an apple tart with Ivy’s Gin, which has a warming taste with clove and cranberry undertones.

9th February – Yoga + Fitness Morning at Henham Park

Relax and rejuvenate at the Yoga + Fitness Morning at Henham Park. The fitness morning runs from 9:30am to 1:30pm and includes a full morning of yoga and workout classes. Choose from 12 classes – ballet fit, Zumba, mindfulness, Pilates, Hiit, Kettlebells, Kung Fu, Goals & Purpose, Ashtanga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga. Create your own schedule of four classes and enjoy nutritional snacks and refreshments in between.

Geometric Terrarium Workshop at Urban Jungle

9th February – Geometric Terrarium Workshop at Urban Jungle

Create a gorgeous garden under glass at the Geometric Terrarium Workshop at the Urban Jungle in Beccles. The workshop begins at 2pm, costs £55, and includes all the tools, plants, decorations and refreshments.

Kim from Romeo and Succulent will guide you through the process of creating a miniature garden that you can take home to use as a centrepiece for your table or decoration on your mantle.

16th-24th February – Ring Quest at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

During half term bring along the whole family to take part in the themed challenge at West Stow Anglo-Saxon village. Find the rings and runes to save Middle Earth, visit the Hobbit Hole and Mirkwood, meet Halbarad the Ranger of the North and try archery.

The event is suitable for children over the age of 3 and involves two parts, each lasting approximately 45 minutes.

18th-21st February – The 4 Day Film Challenge 2019 at The Apex

The 4 Day Film Challenge will take place over half term for 10-18 year olds. Teams of 5 are given just 4 days to write, shoot, star in and edit a short film!

This sounds exactly like the kind of activity I would have done when I was that age. To be honest, during our school holidays all we used to do was create little films and music videos (and some can still be found on YouTube…).

All equipment is supplied and the course runs from 10am-4pm each day. At the end there will be a screening of all the films, along with presentation of awards and prizes.

18th-22nd February – Gruesome Goings On at Framlingham Castle

Some grizzly activities will be happening at Framlingham Castle over the half term holidays. These events will keep inquisitive young minds whirring over the holidays as they travel back in time at the castle. There will be an A-Z of torture describing the punishments throughout history and plenty more gruesome goings on around the site.

19th February – Nordic Night Feast & Entertainment at Low House Laxfield

Nordic Night at the Low House in Laxfield will include a three-course meal inspired by Nordic cuisine. The menu includes such dishes as grilled mackerel, gravlax, venison stew, meatballs and pancakes. To find out more, head over to the Facebook page. 

Museum of the Moon at the Apex

19th -23rd February – Museum of the Moon at The Apex

To celebrate 50 years since man first walked on the moon, The Apex will have an amazing immersive experience that will enthral visitors. The internally lit installation of the moon has been created by artist Luke Jerram using detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. The touring artwork is part of the 2019 Suffolk Science Festival and will allow us to view the wonders of the night sky up close. Admission is free!