Review: Songlines, HighTide Festival

Songlines at HighTide Festival

On Tuesday night I attended the HighTide Festival in Aldeburgh to watch Songlines by Tallulah Brown. 

Songlines tells a tale of first love set in the heart of Suffolk. Stevie, a wild child from the city, is sent to Reydon to stay with her Grandma where she meets tractor boy Stan. The play is interwoven with a mesmeric soundtrack of live music from Tallulah Brown’s band, TRILLS, who stay on stage throughout the performance.

The play wholly captures what it’s like growing up in rural Suffolk. The need to escape to a big city. The boredom of the countryside to a teenager that wants to be exploring the world. The feeling of a tight knit community that is always balancing between being suffocating and comforting.

The lead actors Fanta Barrie and Joe Hurst perfectly convey the teenage awkwardness of first love and there are laugh out loud moments throughout.

The HighTide Festival continues until Sunday – most of Songlines performances are sold out but there are still tickets for the 3pm show on Sunday. There are also other plays and performances from up-and-coming writers and directors – click here to find out the schedule for the rest of the week.