Review: Fit East Festival 2018

Fit East Festival 2018

Like a lot of people, I used to hate PE in school. The only thing on offer was team sports or athletics, and I was crap at both.

It took me a long time to find out that there’s so much more to working out than just the gym or being picked last for the school team.

Last weekend I attended the Fit East Festival at Trinity Park – the debut fitness festival in Suffolk.

The event was a perfect example of how there are so many options when it comes to keeping fit and healthy in the local area. There were over 30 classes and workshops to try, spaced out over five arenas. Suffolk fitness experts were on hand to offer advice and host fun classes in the sun.The festival had a great turnout (especially considering that it was Latitude weekend) with the fitness classes full of participants keen to try something new.

First of all I went along to the Bounce Fit trampoline class. We bounced on solo-sized trampolines doing a range of movements that are aimed to burn calories fast. The trampoline makes you work harder to do the moves, and I definitely felt the workout in my legs the next day. You also have this nostalgic feeling that puts a big smile on your face throughout the session! I would definitely go again.

Afterwards I strolled over to watch the goat yoga session held by Diana Malone which I’d tried a few months ago (you can read my full goat yoga review here). Then on to a dance workout with Just Jay Dance. Now, I have zero co-ordination when it comes to dancing, but I still had great fun trying to keep up with the moves to classic pop songs.

I really appreciated the variety of activities and brands that the organisers had managed to include. There were running races, Zumba classes, Crossfit, bootcamps, and everything in between. It’s nice to find a fitness event that makes everyone feel included, not just those with killer abs! I hope it returns next year!