Things I learnt on the Photo Walkshop

A couple of weeks ago I attended the first Photo Walkshop around Southwold with photographers Craig and Andy.

I really enjoy photography (as you might be able to tell from my blog and Instagram!) but I would definitely say my technical skills are somewhat lacking! So when I heard about this event I thought it would be a great opportunity to increase my basic photography knowledge, as well as meet some more wonderful creatives in my local area.
We started the walk from the harbour in Southwold, went down to the beach and looped back. Craig and Andy explained the theory behind shutter speed, ISO and aperture as we went along, and offered help and advice to individuals with queries.

I definitely found that being able to put the theory straight into practice was really useful and having the time to play around with the camera without worrying that I needed to take the “perfect” shot helped massively.

Here are just a few of the things that I learnt that evening:

  1. That it’s ok to use the aperture setting

    My photography teachers at university were always telling us that we ‘had’ to use the manual setting and nothing else would do and I think that’s why I had always struggled to get to grips with balancing the three settings. But when Andy and Craig advised us to start out using the aperture priority, things seemed to click into place that bit more and I could finally achieve… 

2. A shallow depth of field

This is something I just couldn’t get right before – but now I think I’ve got it! I can finally get those blogger outfit shots. Watch out world!

3. That my camera is actually touch screen

So I’ve had my camera a whole six months but I only found out on this walk that you could touch the screen to change some settings rather than using the buttons…well done Gee.

I’m already looking forward to the next Photo Walkshop which will be on June 20th (my birthday, just sayin’) in Aldeburgh.

Click here to watch my vlog about the event.

Main image – See Suffolk at the Photo Walkshop by Rechenda Smith.