Fave Veggie Restaurants in Suffolk

Urban Jungle near Beccles

Ok, so for full disclosure I eat veggie the majority of the time but I would describe myself as a pescatarian. I first started eating a mainly veggie diet nearly three years ago when I began having IBS. It’s tricky to eat out nowadays, but finding somewhere with a good veggie menu really helps.

So to celebrate National Vegetarian Week from 14th – 21st May I thought I would share my top 3 places with great vegetarian options.

Here are my fave veggie restaurants in Suffolk:

1. Edmundo Lounge, Bury St Edmunds

This is my bestie Sarah’s fave spot (a true veggie, not a part-timer like me!) as it has a great range of yummy vegetarian tapas as well as a separate menu for vegans.

2. Darsham Nurseries

The lunch and dinner menu features a lot of fresh veggie and vegan meals. The Nursery grows some of the ingredients and has a Middle-Eastern take on dishes.

Darsham Nurseries

3. Urban Jungle

The cafe at the Urban Jungle in Beccles has some great vegetarian options. During the evenings there are options from ‘The Land, ‘The Sea’ and ‘The Garden.’

Urban Jungle near Beccles