No kidding, I tried Goat Yoga!

When I told my partner I was heading off to a goat yoga class one drizzling day in early April, he must have thought I’d finally lost it.

Goat yoga may sound bizarre, however human-animal interaction is known to reduce stress and promote feelings of happiness. So when paired with yoga the activity should be a top mood booster.

I arrived at Skylark Farm in Bawdsey after a rally drive along a dirt farm track and saw a paddock of lycra clad ladies already cuddling the teeny goats. I popped my mat next to my friend and immediately started cooing over the kids, some of which were only a week or two old!

Yoga instructor Diana Malone began the class by saying that the goats would climb on us and nibble items of clothing, but that we could move them out of the way to continue our yoga practice or we could just sit and stroke them.

In the end I think many of us were too absorbed cuddling the goats and watching their funny little antics to get much yoga done. But we were smiling and laughing so much throughout the session that it didn’t really matter. I’m sure our serotonin and dopamine levels were given a good healthy boost – and isn’t that just what you need on a drizzling spring day?

Goat Yoga takes place on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at Skylark Farm near Bawdsey.