Dog walk at Pin Mill

I’ve ticked off the first place on my list…Pin Mill! If you read my previous post – 5 Places I’ve never visited in Suffolk – you’ll know I was planning to head to a number of locations I’ve never been before in our county.

I made good on my promise and headed for a dog walk at Pin Mill last weekend for a (muddy) walk beside the river and into the surrounding forest. Huddy loved it!

Pin Mill is stunning. The river is beautiful, even on a rainy January day! The wrecks of old boats and barges stuck in the mud surely have hidden stories to tell.

As you walk along the path into the neighbouring woods you pass a number of houseboats and barges. It made me wonder who on lived on them. I would have loved a peek inside, I bet the houseboats are just as interesting as the people who live in them.

Anyway, we said we’d definitely go back to for a dog walk at Pin Mill when the weather was warmer to explore further and try the pub there.

What’s next to tick off my list? Rendlesham Forest maybe?